Dinner Menu


½ Chicken dinner with 2 sides

¼ Chicken Dinner with 2 sides

Meatloaf dinner with 2 sides

6oz Pork Chop Dinner with 2 sides

½ Slab Rib dinner with 2 sides 75-175

¼ Chicken and ¼ Rib dinners with 2 sides


Baked potato w/sour cream

Potato salad

Green Beans fixed 2 ways

Cole slaw

Cut corn with butter

Corn on cob(in season)

AuGratin potatoes or Scalloped potatoes,

Apple sauce

Baked beans


Also Included with each dinner

Roll & Butter * Salt & Pepper * Silverware * Wet Wipe
3-Section plate or Carry out

Extra Items at a nominal cost

Pasta Salad -Mac n cheese
Salad with 2 dressings
Cookies and brownies
Pop or Lemonade
Chafers with serving utensils

Servers Available
2 hour minimum